Helping to keep Kenilworth beautiful

Kenilworth in Bloom

St John's Primary School Bronze
Clinton Primary School Gold
Park Hill Junior School Gold
Thorns Community Infant School Gold
Mark & Julie Smith Bronze
Margaret Beaumont Silver
David Wallin Gold
Small Front Gardens
Joan Chrimes Highly Commended
Sarah Watkins-Roddy Bronze
Noelle Mace Bronze
George Shepherd Silver
Elizabeth Larson Silver
John & Mandy Lathbury Silver
Elizabeth Avery Silver
Dan Shuttleworth Gold
Tony Sewell Gold
Ralph Satchwell & Samantha Edmunds Gold
George Taylor Gold
Large Front Gardens
Louise Griew Silver
Kay Bracken Silver
Alan & Mai Fisher Gold
Barbara & Mervyn Tyndall Gold
Simon Cockell Gold
Robert and Rosemary Brown Gold
Small Back Gardens
John & Mandy Lathbury Bronze
Anne Hopkins Bronze
Mark & Julie Smith Bronze
Ralph Satchwell & Samantha Edmunds Bronze
David Wallin Silver
Janet Phillips Silver
Anne Cooke Silver
Martin & Viv Pickstock Gold
George Taylor Gold
Medium Back Gardens
Joan Chrimes Bronze
Dan Shuttleworth Silver
Jacqueline Bear Silver
Noelle Mace Silver
Kay Bracken Silver
Barbara & Mervyn Tyndall Gold
Jennifer & Kim Matthews Gold
Diane Manders Gold
Carole & David Gent Gold
Robert and Rosemary Brown Gold
Catherine Dallaway Gold
Large Back Garden
Margaret Smith Silver
Vera Ainsworth Gold
Simon Cockell Gold
John Mould Gold
Erica Brayson Gold
Commercial and Shared Gardens
Priory Theatre Bronze
St Nicholas Church Flower Beds Bronze
Millar Court Silver
Kenilworth Manor Nursing Home Silver
Montpelier House Gold
St Nicholas Parochial Hall Gold
John Taylor Funeral Service Gold
Servite House Gold
Licensed Premises
Clarendon Arms & Harringtons on the Hill Gold
The Cottage Inn Gold
The Royal Oak Gold

2015 Competition

The full results of last year's competition, which set more records for number (and in our opinion quality) of entries are in the table on the right.  We've put a (fairly random) selection of garden photos in the gallery below.

We've moved results and pictures of the competitions before last year to separate pages to make navigation easier.  Follow one of the links below to see them...