Standard plaque with sponsor supplied artwork

Special plaques provided by the sponsor

Standard plaques with logo or artwork

Standard plaque

Become a Sponsor


Most of the money we raise comes from our sponsors.  Without their practical and financial help we could not continue to do our work


If you sponsor a tub we will print up one (or more) of the green plaques, and attach it to one of our planting tubs.  We normally charge £50 per plaque per year, although if you pay for three we will provide one more free of charge - 4 for the price of 3!  We are also more than ready to accept sponsorship in the form of practical help or services.


If you want to include your logo, special artwork, or even special plaques, we can arrange that too.  We would ask you to pay for any additional costs we incur.  See the pictures on the right for some examples.


We will do our best to place the plaque(s) on the tub(s) of your choice.


We will also add your name and contact details to our Sponsors page; perhaps you would like to add a link to this website to yours?


Next Step


Please make initial contact with our Jacqui Reilly.  Call her on 01926 730579 during most evenings, or email her at 

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