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What, bored already?  It's OK, we understand, there's only so much you can say about putting plants and flowers round a small Midlands town, so why not check out what else is going on around here?


If you live in Kenilworth or are visiting, these links may provide useful and/or interesting information and ideas.


Forthcoming Events


If you're around in June, check out these two sites:


Gardens open under the National Gardens Scheme


Some of Kenilworth's best gardens are open under the National Gardens Scheme, raising money for charity and providing a rare and fascinating glimpse of the beautiful results of some of Kenilworth's residents passion for gardening. Most gardens have won medals in the Kenilworth in Bloom Garden Competition, many as best in class.  See the NGS website for more information.


Kenilworth Show


The Kenilworth Show takes place on Abbey Fields every June. gives much more information than we have space to reproduce here!


Permanent Links


These sites provide year-round information.



Kenilworthweb is a Council run website and provides lots of information about the town and what's happening here, plus useful links to various clubs, organisations and social groups in and around Kenilworth.

Kenilworth Horticultural Society

Kenilworth Horticultural Society exists to further interest in horticulture, and provide activities of interest to members within Kenilworth and the surrounding district.  They have a full programme of evening meetings throughout the year, three shows a year, and group visits to places of interest. .