The 2017 event will be held on May 13, at St Francis of Assisi Church on Warwick Road.  We've held the event there for the last three years, and were very pleased with it - lots of space, a nice outdoor area for Janet's perennials, and easy parking for loading all those plants into your car!

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Tubs and Planters

We maintain the square tubs on Warwick Road, Abbey End, the High Street and Castle Hill.  Many of them carry sponsorship plaques in recognition of the generosity of local businesses, clubs, societies and individuals.

Garden Competition

We run an annual garden competition open to all residents of Kenilworth. 

Plant Sale

We organise an annual plant sale.  This is not only an important source of income to support the other work we do, but also an opportunity for everybody to enjoy a chat and some bargains.

Helping to keep Kenilworth beautiful

Kenilworth in Bloom

Entry to the garden competition is free.  There are categories for


  • Small or Large back garden
  • Frontage, or Small or Large front garden
  • Shops and Public Buildings
  • Communal or Residential Home
  • Licenced Premises (pubs and clubs)
  • Hotels and Guest Houses
  • Schools